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After Party
(Warning story has vore, don't like don't look blah blah blah)
The party was booming loudly, a little too loudly. Twas the night before Halloween and Clarissa were doing a spooky horror themed DnD campaign for her friends, just above her apartment room was a room of frat boy and girls partying about..something, it didn't really matter what they were partying about cause they would party about anything.
this isn't the first time Clarissa had to deal with these people, it started this June and has been happening for a while. The Apartment itself was owned by probably three college boys all whom would party just about anything, and safe to say that it disturbed everyone especially Clarissa who like mentioned before was trying to run a simple, quiet game of DnD with no distractions but it sounds like that wouldn't be happening.
a loud thud is heard, presumably one of the party goers falling over hard, one of the players Boo looked up.
"how long has this been going on for?" Bo
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Mature content
The Vault :iconblackfire2q:Blackfire2Q 2 0
Nathaniel the VII
(don't keep the eyes on this design/add eyebrows) 
Age: 18 
Height: Tall (don't know exact height)
Real Name: Boo/Boodle 
Nicknames: Butt, Mister Lumberjack, Filthy Canadian, The Sex Machine, "Snake" Charmer (to like 2 Lamias)
Likes: Snakes, Lamias, Gore (non fetishized), Cartoons, Boobs, Chubby Girls (with big boobs, cause..fuck you), Goldfish Crackers, Dr. Pepper, sythewave and electro swing music, 80s action movie cliches, secretly likes being eaten, being swood, the video game "Hotline Miami" (normally quotes it or makes reference to it). 
Dislike: Waiting to get a chance at action, being eaten by a non humanoid creature, not snakes, Star Wars (he can get salty), not getting a reference, banging women twice his age, dying (even thou it's just change), not being as helpful or not getting too involved in a situation.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Warrior/Barbarian 
Bio: Nathaniel (or referred here as "Boo") is an 18 year old male, he is normally shy and quie
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Thulk Hang (for contest or whatever)
(stupidest name in history)
Age: 34 (or so he claims, he could be older/younger)
height: 5'6" 
Real Name: Currently unknown, but people call him "Mitty" sometimes. 
Nicknames: Hulk Hong's poop brain damaged brother, YOU IIIIDDDDDOIIIIT- *Cuts off*, Shit for brains, an insult to idiots of the world.
Likes: Hot Ladies, Beer or any form of alcohol, Blunt things, Sharp things, Fishing, a Warm fire, Kinky time, Sleeping, being useless, Boobs, Running head first into stuff (metaphorically and literally), secretly is in to masochism.
Dislikes: Law enforcers, having to do stuff, being rejected by Hot Ladies, being eaten or the idea of it, Snakes, Rats, Wet stuff that isn't water, Stairs, non alcoholic drinks, Math of any kind, Having to think before doing something.
Alignment: Neutral evil. 
Class: Warrior
Bio: Thulk Hang is your typical douchebag noob player of DnD, more focused on how to screw around then following the actual story or playing the game. Thou he will follow the
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(entry for a contest) Night Bar
It was late at night, and normally the bar was closed, but the manger just got a new shipment of foreign Whiskey and decided to stay up later then normal business times to sell it to some late night customers.
Not many people where around at the time (besides the employees), a couple of old customers and a few new ones. The bar was unnaturally quiet normally it was quite chatty even near closing time, though that didn't last for long as a unfamiliar customer came in with four others, thou they were not average customers, quite shady people actually, wore long coats covering there bodies and robes over there faces to hide any facial details, the bar went silent as they took there seat, they didn't look like nice folks but manger said nothing to make them leave and instead welcomed them to the bar, "Welcome to my new in town?" the manger nervously asked, one of them spat at the manger in response, "I don't know how you meet people back where your from, but her-" the manger
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High Noon (Another Jess Story)
Jess rolled over groaning loudly, "hu- *burp*...happ- *hic* last n-night" Jess looked at alcohol bottles scattered around and the large pile of buckets filled with a disgusting looking liquid, she studied her surroundings, to notice a pass out farmer literally drooling on her breast, she awkwardly shoved him off, "DAR-D-D-D-whatever and Timmy, I'll be home with GGGGGOLD" the man said in his sleep, Jess then remembered there were two other farmers she shared a drink with, she questioned there locations when she let out a loud burp, "oh, right" she remembered, she slowly got up still slightly drunk she stumbled around a bit, she attempted to wake up the sleeping man, "Dal-Dallas, Wak- Wake up", Dallas made a grunt in return, "DALLAS, Y-You need to wake up...come on buddy...", Dallas slowly turned to face her opening and closing his eyes trying to wake up, "ooh hey, what's up nic-" Dallas said before Jess cut him off, "D-Don't finish what you were going to say, also Thanks for letting me
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Mature content
Train Heist *Vore warning* :iconblackfire2q:Blackfire2Q 4 12
Shackle Town.
Name: Shackle Town
Location: close to the Grass Boarder.
Status: The Town is surprisingly healthy despite multiple robbing and a con artist for a Sheriff
Population: 1,234,5
Common Folk: Mostly MonsterGirls (species vary)
Sheriff: Mary E. Christ, Nicked Name "Hell's Angel".
Shackle Town is the capital town of Snake Gully. The Town is wildly known across the Gully as the Cheater's town as every Con Artist and Rat lives in the town, it is also infamous for it's Sheriff Mary, Who is found normally finding ways of getting the towns people to pay an extra buck or two.
The exact origin of the town is unknown (possibly burned in a fire). What is known is little and nothing worth noting, The Town has shown an large interest in the Snake Gully's leader "Lizard Eye", For some unexplained reason the man wants the town as alive and fresh as ever, and doesn't want anyone to leave it, His Strategy for this seems to be setting up the town's Sheriff with a Con Artist, which would get many to leave. Ju
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